Peb is proud to announce d-i-e-c-i, a new project that involves
the re-interpretation of Peb’s collections.

Peb invites creative entities from the world of fashion, art and design
(magazine, video maker, stylist, painter, photographer, writer, musician etc.)
to express their art, re-interpreting the latest menswear collection.
The creative will take inspiration from the mood board of the collection,
made from Massimiliano Poggiolini, designer of the brand.

The candidates will unveil their interpretation through a composite of 10
elements: images, videos, animated pictures and text or everything that is
linked to their world and can be uploaded on the tumblr page.

Every 10 of the month – starting from the 10th of April 2015 – Peb will upload
the new project on the page d-i-e-c-i.tumblr.com, revealing each and every
month a new P E B micro-cosmos.

d-i-e-c-i, a project by Peb
for more info: DIECI@peb-studio.com